Photo of Jennifer and Laura at Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill

Cambria, July 2005

Photo of Moonstone Beach boardwalk On Saturday, July 9, Laura and I packed up books, food, my laptop, her collage materials, and our poetry book manuscripts and headed to Cambria where we took up residence in Poppy Cottage
After sitting an hour and a half in a traffic jam in Marina caused by the motorcycle races at Laguna Seca, we were overjoyed to finally head down River Road, along Highway 101, eventually arriving at Moonstone Beach around 1:30 p.m. Photo of driftwood on Moonstone Beach
Photo of pasta dinner After a delicious lunch and a stiff cocktail apiece, we picked up the keys and got settled in at Poppy Cottage in the pines. Here we spent five days hiking, taking photos, writing, working on our manuscripts, watching movies, and cooking each other fabulous breakfasts and dinners.
Each day we would pack a picnic, grab our cameras and notebooks, and head off for another adventure. On Thursday, Laura returned to Carmel Valley and Ollie arrived with our two little hounds, Pepper and Zoe. This web site records our daily hikes in a series of slide shows.  Enjoy! Photo of squirrel
Photo of San Simeon Pier
San Simeon & Cambria Bluff Trails
Montaña de Oro
Photo of Morro Rock
Photo of San Simeon Trail
San Simeon Trail & Harmony
Montaña de Oro Bluffs & Sweetwater Springs
Photo of Pacific wildflowers
Photo of oak at El Chorro Regional Park
San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden & El Chorro Regional Park
Elfin Forest
Photo of Ollie and Pepper on boardwalk at Elfin Forest
Photo of Ollie in Brambles Lounge
Last Day in Cambria