Women Against War Reading



You can no more win a war than win an earthquake. Jeanette Rankin



  • Frances Payne Adler
  • Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs
  • Carole Erickson
  • Jane Smiley
  • Diana Garcia
  • Maria Garcia Tabor
  • Jennifer Lagier
  • Patrice Vecchione

Monday, June 27, 7 p.m.

Monterey Public Library

Community Room


Sponsored by:

The Pro-Democracy Education Fund

Peace Coalition of Monterey County
Monterey Peace and Justice Center



Frances Payne Adler is the author of five books: two poetry collections, 
The Making of a Matriot (Red Hen Press, 2003) and Raising The Tents 
(Calyx Books, 1993); and three collaborative poetry-photography books and 
exhibitions with photographer Kira Carrillo Corser. Adler's poems and prose 
have appeared in Poetry International, Women's Review of Books, The 
Progressive, Ms. Magazine, and Calyx, among others. 
Carole January Erickson was born, raised and fortunate enough to work on the 
Monterey Peninsula. She is a musician, mother and grandmother, midwife, 
public health nurse and teacher, peace/non-violence advocate and Quaker.
 Diana Garcia is a poet and writer.  Her collection of poetry, When Living Was 
a Labor Camp, was published in 2000 by The University of Arizona Press and 
received an American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation. 

 Jennifer Lagier is a member of the Italian American Writers Association and the National Writers Union, Local 7.  She has published poetry in a variety of journals, anthologies, and e-zines throughout the U.S. and Italy.


Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs is a Central Coast poet and academic now living in Seattle. She is looking for the friends she lost when she was in grammar school.


Jane Smiley is the author of many novels, including A Thousand Acres, which won the Pulitzer Prize, and Horse Heaven. In 2001, she was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters.


Maria Garcia Tabor is a poet, writer and serves as editor of the Homestead Review literary journal.  She is actively encourages others to write by giving workshops, keynote speeches and readings.


Patrice Vecchione is the author of Writing and the Spiritual Life: Finding Your Voice by Looking Within, the editor of several anthologies. She's currently at work on a new book of poems.