Poetry by Jennifer Lagier

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Poipu Floor Show

At the Poipu Beach House,
we occupy prime real estate,
rustic table by open door
overlooking rock bordered lagoon,
submerged snorkelers,
wave-walking surfers.

Platinum sun bores a hole
in denim sky
slowly darkening to sapphire.
Broken celestial egg yolk
oozes toward purple ocean,
flares orange, lavender, fuchsia.

When night blankets Kauai,
hundreds of split-tail green parakeets
appear out of nowhere,
descend like darting Halloween bats,
squabble over where to sleep
among feathery palm trees.

Incoming tide caresses lava breakwater.
Constellations sparkle.
We hold hands,
celebrate two decades of marriage,
shatter crème brulee crust,
sip frosty mocktails.

December 2023